Private Cocktail Classes

Building Corporate Culture

Building collaboration at work can be difficult but there is another way to get everyone creatively engaged and laughing together with these corporate cocktail classes! Get your team together today to arrange your next social function at the office or remote location! Learn about Cocktails, Spirits, Flavor Balance and Technique with Expert Mixologist Rachael Green!

Virtual Happy Hour

Team Building at a Distance

Virtual Cocktail Classes have so many positives! You and your partner, friends and co-workers can join from anywhere, you are in the safety and comforts of your own remote locations, and you have the ability to make as many as you want after the cocktail class with all of the tools and ingredients in front of you! 

Booking this class is as easy as ordering a cocktail from a bar! Click the link below to start your next virtual bartending immersion!

How do I book a Virtual Cocktail Class?

Here are the steps we take to book the class! As easy as ordering a cocktail!

1. The Virtual Experience is the right choice for your next group date night, corporate happy hour, team building, or birthday party!
2. We select the cocktails (3) you would like to make during the class - Pick from the menu below
3. We select a date and time
4. Confirm all details and receive Recipe Cards, Supplies (Grocery & Tools) List, and Zoom Link 
5. We set-up and enjoy an instruction and interactive cocktail making class where everyone will be able to ask questions and enjoy the time to be together

Cocktail Class Menu

Bar Tested. Drinker Approved.

Whiskey Cocktails:

~ Old Fashioned: Simple Syrup, Angostura Bitters, Orange Twist

~ Manhattan: Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitters, Cherry/Orange Twist

~ Traditional Sour: Lemon, Simple Syrup, Egg White

~ Mint Julep: Mint, Simple Syrup *

~ Smash Cocktail: Lemon, Berries, Mint *

~ Penicillin - honey, lemon, ginger *

~ Irish Coffee - whiskey, heavy cream (or full fat coconut cream)

Vodka / Gin:

- Dry Martini -  dry vermouth, lemon

- Dirty Martini - olives, olive brine

~ Espresso Martini - espresso liqueur (we make together), espresso, vodka, sugar, coffee beans

~ Moscow Mule- ginger beer lime, angostura bitters *

~ Tom Collins- lemon sugar soda *

~ Gin Fizz- egg white, lemon, sugar

~ Bees Knees: Honey Lemon *

~ Eastside Rickey (cucumber mint lime and soda) *

~ Daisy (Gin Orange Liqueur and lemon)

~ Negroni (Gin/  Campari/ Sweet Vermouth)


~ Mojito: rum lime, sugar, mint soda*

~ Daiquiri: rum, lime, sugar (served up or blended) - Flavor options available

- Pina Colada: coconut cream, pineapple *

- Painkiller: Pineapple, Orange, Coconut Cream

~ Caipirinia: White rum / Vodka, Limes granulated sugar

- Planters Punch: Black Tea infused rum, lime and sugar


~ Margarita: orange liqueur, lime

~ Paloma: grapefruit, lime,soda, sugar *

~ Tequila Sunrise- grenadine, lime, orange*

Wine Cocktails:

~ French 75 - gin/vodka, lemon, sugar, sparkling wine

~ New York Sour: lemon, sugar, whiskey, red wine, egg white

- Aperol Spritz: Aperol, sparkling wine, soda water, orange

* These cocktail recipes can be used with other spirits. 

~ These cocktails can be made without alcohol for non-drinkers that want to join!


Rachael Green

Founder, Class Instructor

Company founder Rachael Green has over a decade of experience in the industry; she knows just about everything around cocktail construction and classic cocktail history. With Certifications in Wine, Beer, and Spirits, she can teach and collaborate with anyone from novice to expert on the subject of adult beverages.

Since the world has moved digital, Rachael has desired to help businesses become more connected to their teams and clients through virtual happy hour events. She has helped many businesses with internal team building, client appreciation events and networking functions. She also hosts many personal events bringing friends and families closer together through virtual happy hours!

With experience in Alcohol Sales she values the opportunities brands need to get their products in front of a wider audience, she helps brands of all size and reach their goals of visibility through public events and branded video content she can produce.

At the end of the day, Rachael wants to connect people to each other and brands that can make a huge impact on their personal and professional life. By teaching people how to use quality spirits and to learn the techniques of cocktail creation in a collaborative environment she sees people change and open up with each other, all while in the comforts of their own space.

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