Catch a little Joy with the Mistletoe Margarita

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Welcome Welcome!!

If you are here because you recently received your Holiday Cocktail Kit, then make the cocktail along with me in the video below!!

Scroll to the bottom to order seasonal cocktail kits through the link and Download your FREE copy of the Home Mixology Mastery eBook!

Things that would be helpful to grab in addition to your kit components are:

-Knife, cutting board, and citrus juicer

- Plate for your snowy rim

- A short or margarita glass (if you use your margarita glass to serve it "up" meaning without ice)

- 2 cups of ice

Order your kit through this link or click the photo below:


Rach Green Cocktails eBook
Download PDF • 22.14MB

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