Collaboration built my business

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Bari Baumgardner from Sage Events and Rachael Green Collaborating at the Virtual Events on Virtual Events

I want to share. The first time that I collaborated in Rach Green Cocktails. And in actuality, it really all started from the very first time I went Live on Facebook.

The first time that I went virtual, I had a friend who was a local bartender in Charlotte come on live on Facebook and make cocktails with me.

We were raising money for a foundation that was supporting bartenders who had lost jobs and resources, Due to the pandemic.

And from the first time that I collaborated and that video got over 700 views. I realized how special it was to do cocktail classes virtual. And that's what kick-started my business.

That story around my virtual experience, and where it is today, stemmed from the collaboration of not just with Jaquan, but also with the foundation we supported and the USBG and so many other people that helped elevate this particular event.

So to say that I built this business alone is simply untrue.

The moment that I realized the impact we were making with the people who were stuck at home, and were able to create amazing cocktails with what they had in their kitchen is when the magic really sparked within me.

I was able to give someone the ability to connect, provide themselves with cocktails and an experience that they couldn't get from going to bars or going to events and music festivals and whoever else was in my audience.

But they were able to find a sense of belonging and friendship with other people in the comments, they were able to connect to their own five senses in putting together a cocktail.

So to say that I built this business alone to say it's only about the cocktail is simply untrue.

What we provide in our businesses and our experiences, is not the product or service itself.

It's the outcome, it's the result.

It's the goal, it's the desire to have a sense of belonging to have a sense of security to have a sense of kinship and self actualization, even that you can create these experiences yourself.

The sooner you realize the type of deeply seeded issue, your experience provides of your business, of your products of your service, the easier it will be to market because everyone feels the need to belong to feel prestigious to feel popular to feel like they themselves can put on a really incredible experience of event.

So, to give them something that they can use to build community to build relationships to feel that sense of belonging to feel that sense of popularity that they desire in their growth is the core of what I provide.

So what I'm asking you today, is what do you provide beyond your product, beyond your service.

Beyond the vehicle of your message.

Why do you do what you do, and how is it helping?

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