Eastside Rickey with Vodka

Eastside Rickey Cocktail History

The Rickey is a cocktail known to be like a sparkling limeade with Gin.

Sometimes you will see a beautiful cocktail with cucumber and mint saunter past you at the bar, and the aroma of its freshness catches you off guard. “I’ll take one of those”.

A Rickey cocktail has its funny name supposedly after a regular of The Shoemaker in Washington D.C. in the late 19th century. Colonel Joe Rickey wanted a refreshing gimlet with bourbon and soda and consistently ordered it. Within ten years, the cocktail became known worldwide for its use with Gin!

Using citrus in cocktails has its origin stemming from a vitamin C deficiency called Scurvy that plagued naval militia for centuries. Ships among British naval forces carried limes aboard as the cure for this in the 18th century, though there was not a real solution for Scurvy for over a hundred years.

The colorful story of the Southside gimlet stretches from the South side of Chicago, where Al Capone was said to have enjoyed this beverage during prohibition. Skip a few decades to New York at the run of the 21st century, and you find the Eastside Gimlet being produced in Manhattan, a cocktail with mint and cucumber.

I learned all of my foundational wisdom on cocktail creation and history from Sam Ross, the consultant of the Consortium Holdings bar program in San Diego, CA. I give my thanks to Sam and the program where I learned about the drink as, to this day, the Eastside Rickey is one of my most popular cocktails to serve and teach.

Because I created this video with Tito’s vodka, as opposed to Gin, so I call this cocktail the Dog Walker, because of Tito’s branding as a spirit for dog people.

The Dog Walker:

· 1.5 oz of Tito’s Handmade Vodka

· .75 oz of simple syrup

· 1-2 Limes / .75 oz of lime juice

· Cucumber, 4 slices (rounds)

· Mint, 2 sprigs

o Separate 4-6 mint leaves off the stems, and preserve the mint tops for garnish

· 2 oz of club soda

· ½ cup of ice

Tools needed:

· Shaker Tin / Mason Jar

· Cocktail Strainer

· Mesh strainer

· Bar Jigger / Tablespoon

· Knife & Cutting Board

· Citrus Juicer

· Highball Glass

· Metal Straw

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1. Cut a lime in half (or quarters) and juice the full lime, until you have .75 oz (1.5 tablespoons) of juice.

2. Slice 4 rounds of cucumber and drop 3 into your shaker tin (jar); preserve 1 round for our *garnish.

3. Pull 4-6 mint leaves off the sprigs of Mint and add them into the tin (jar). Preserve the bushy tops for our garnish!

4. Add lime juice, simple syrup, and Vodka to your tin (jar), along with a scoop of ice.

5. Seal tin (jar) and shake hard for 15 seconds.

6. Set tin (jar) aside and add fresh ice to your Highball Glass.

7. Add 2 oz of soda to your glass before straining your cocktail (contents of the tin) into the glass.

a. You can use an additional mesh strainer to catch any shredded pieces of mint and cucumber.

8. *GARNISH: poke the mint tops through the cucumber slice and slide the cucumber straight in along the edge of the glass. You can prop this up with a Metal Straw so that you get bright mint freshness every time you take a sip!

9. #bottomsup!

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