Ring in the New Year with a Winter Whiskey Sour!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

If you are here because you just received your Holiday Cocktail Kit then Watch the instructional video below to make your cocktail along side Rachael!

Scroll to the bottom to find out how you can order different cocktail kits from Rach Green Cocktails as well as download your FREE Home Mixology Mastery eBook!!

In addition to your kit it will be good to grab a few extra tools and some ice!

- Knife, cutting board and if possible a citrus juicer

- Martini glass or a coupe

- 1 cup of ice

If you want to explore making this with an egg white, grab an egg or if you are vegan or don't want to use egg, you can use aquafaba, which is the liquid you strain off a can of REDUCED SODIUM chick peas (garbanzo beans)!

This makes the cocktail deliciously luxurious and I highly recommend giving it a try!!

If you would like to receive a Holiday Cocktail Kit then click the image of the kit to order until December 15th to ensure delivery by Christmas, taking orders while supplies last!


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