Simple Syrup. It's just that.

The sugar component in cocktails all dates back to the early 1800’s when the first “cocktail” was documented for recreational consumption.


Sugar takes the bite away from the spirits that we use while keeping the viscosity and flavor of our cocktails.


The first cocktail was created for balance and included 4 main components:

1. Spirit

2. Bitters

3. Sugar

4. Ice, or water



All the components have an important role, but today sugar is the one we’re



Sugar makes alcohol easier to drink. Hands down.


We try to find ways around not using sugar but when we really want a yummy treat at the end of the day, having a simple syrup to fall back on makes creating cocktails a whole lot easier and tastier!


Simple syrup makes dissolving sugar into our cocktail easier and allows us to have a consistent drinking experience all the way through.


How many times have you made iced tea, added the sugar last, and ended up adding too much sugar. Then your last swig is pure granulated sugar? Yuck! (Or yum, depending on your relationship with it.)


Ice is an important part of a cocktail, as I have highlighted above. And ice just does not work well with granulated sugar for making a consistent flavored drink.


Simple syrup is how we keep our sugar content consistent in cocktails.


It is not only great for cocktails, but great for any iced tea, coffee, or even lemonade! So, having this around the house is a great tool for making drinking all beverages easy and fun!

Making Simple syrup is as easy as combining equal parts sugar to water!

So, when I usually make simple syrup :

1. Boil some water

2. Put ½ cup of sugar in a mason jar

3. Add ½ cup of water of hot water to the jar to dissolve the sugar

You can store this in your fridge for up to a month sealed!

Now that you’ve made Simple Syrup try making an old fashioned (see recipe here)

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