Summer Breeze Recipe : Happy National Tequila Day!

Tequila is an incredible spirit. My favorite, actually.

Tequila is created by distilling a “wine” made from the blue agave plant grown in the Tequila region of Mexico. It must be Blue “webber” agave and it has to be grown in Tequila. Agave itself is an interesting plant that take anywhere from 7 – 20 years to mature!

Compared to Whiskey (distilled from a grain which takes months to grow), or even brandy (distilled from wine, which take at most 5 years for a vine to mature), Tequila is a very special spirit that forces producers to wait YEARS before they can reap the benefit of their yield. This is especially true if they are waiting additional years for the distilled tequila to mature.(Soon to come an article on tequila production and maturation)

When it finally gets to our hands, a bottle that took years to produce can be gone among friends in a matter of a day, especially if you are celebrating a holiday such as National Tequila Day or Cinco De Mayo.

I wanted to share a recipe for a tequila cocktail that you do not need many tools or tricks to mix. This cocktail is easily enjoyed most months of the year but especially in the summer.

Based off a Classic Caipirinha recipe, this cocktail was created to be simple, balanced and cover all the bases of a quality for you to experience!

Summer Breeze Recipe:

• 1.5 oz of El Tesoro

Tequila (I prefer reposado)

• 6/8 wedges of a single lime

• 3 sprigs of mint

• Separate 4-6 mint leaves off the stems, and preserve the mint tops for garnish

• 1 tsp of sugar

• 1/3 cup of fresh watermelon

• ½ cup of ice

Tools needed:

Double rocks glass


Bar jigger or a shot glass

Bar spoon


1. Cut a lime into 8 wedges, and add 6 of them to your cocktail glass

a. Save the other 2 for more cocktails, tequila shots, or adding to your Mexican Pilsner Beer (with a touch of salt)

2. Add your sugar and 4-6 mint leaves to the glass

3. Muddle* these ingredients until most of the sugar dissolves into the lime juice

4. Add your watermelon followed by your tequila into the glass

5. Muddle ingredients until watermelon breaks down completely

6. Add your ice, and with a spoon, push the pulp of the cocktail towards the bottom of the glass for easy sipping

7. Imbibe!

To muddle*: To take a muddler or a spoon to press and turn gently down on the ingredients being “muddled” to express oils, juices, or flavors.

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