Virtual Happy Hour: less awkward, more delicious!

Good Day Friends!

Have you been wondering what to do with yourselves outside of Netflix, reattempting an old hobby, endless scrolling on social media and articles on the current state of the world?

I feel you. It is a wild world out there right now, but we don't have to result to no communication. We have amazing platforms to virtually connect and communicate, all the while in the comforts and safety of our own homes!

Luckily, happy hour just got a lot easier and safer and cheaper than having to uber around to different bars. You can set up at home on your couch and have a cocktail with as many people as you want to coordinate together. It's not like anyone has anything else to do!

But how awkward is it when you are all just sitting there, watching (that one guy) change his background 80 million times while you are holding your drink wondering what you could do beyond talking over each other.

What could you do together?

Well guess what? I am here to teach you how to make cocktails! Good ones. Pretty ones. Ones that you will be showing off to your quarantine buddy or your dog.

Rach Green Cocktails gives the virtual happy hour a new twist! You and your team will learn how to create 3 incredible cocktails, of your choice, and its as easy as ordering a cocktail!

1. Call Rachael at (760) 472-9425 to confirm a date and time that works for you!

2. You confirm 3 cocktails to make, and how many people will be attending.

3. I send out a grocery & tool list for your team to gather by the scheduled class.

4. Showtime!

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