Where the Virtual Mixology Experience came from...

Rach Green Cocktails is a concept inspired by Rachael’s adventurous nature as a young girl in the 90s. Rachael used to create little science projects like lotions, mixed juices, and whatever she could create to eat, drink, or share. With an adventurous palate that’s not afraid to mix ingredients, try new flavors, or taste weird treats, Rachael has experiences she would like to share with you.

While working at a sports bar in college, Founder Rachael Green realized that Hospitality was her calling, and she wanted to educate herself formally. After studying International

Wine and Culture at Florida State University, and becoming the head teaching assistant for the class, she learned as much as she could to prepare herself for her career.

After graduating, Rachael moved to California where she completed level 1 of the Court of Master’s Sommelier program, to become an expert in Wine.

Not long after, she discovered the magical and collaborative world of Spirits and Cocktails! She worked with an impressive group of Professional Bartenders and “Mixologists” at a highly competitive hospitality group in San Diego, but she wanted to learn more about the spirits, the heart of cocktails.

She began working for a Brandy company out of Kentucky that changed her life. She was travelling all over Southern California, teaching people from liquor store patrons to high-end whiskey societies about the long-underappreciated spirit. Cocktail classes are something that became routine and was that aspect of her work that she loved most. That, and orchestrating events.

Rachael has been throwing events ever since she started working at the sports bar in college, and with her educational mindset and spirits knowledge she wanted to start something of her own.

After moving to North Carolina to be closer to her family, she wanted to create a business around teaching people how to mix cocktails. Through physical limitations of being in a control state and COVID she began a virtual mixology experience, connecting with people all over the country.

Rachael saw this as an opportunity to hold hospitality driven events virtually to be able to reach a wider audience and connect people, who need connection now more than ever! This is the birthplace of what Rach Green Cocktails is today.

Through endless coaching and mindset training, along with her 3 years of social media strategizing, she finally developed her mission.

“I help expansive event planners attract their digital audience and skyrocket ticket sales without no-shows and awkward silences at their virtual events by offering a virtual mixology experience that magnetizes attendee connection."

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