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Event Packages

Large Event - Webinar

Build the Virtual Event of your Dreams!

I help expansive virtual event planners attract their audience and skyrocket ticket sales without no-shows and awkward silences by offering an interactive mixology experience.


As all of the larger networking groups, summits, and conventions move their events online,  Virtual Speakeasies are the premium offering for VIP ticket sales, increasing money made on events, and guaranteeing turnout!


Large event pricing:
* Webinar Format: Groups of 50+ attendees
* Special VIP service with suggested supplies store link to supply specialty branded products for VIP attendees
•    Starting at $1200
•    Specialty Branded Supplies: You have the option to order branded event supplies for attendees. Upon a further discovery of the desired goals of the event we will send you a link to a store of options for you to choose from. This option needs at minimum 3 weeks advance.

Corporate Happy Hour

Less Awkward, More Delicious Option for Virtual Connection

We are all spending a good amount of time on zoom, and our remote teams and clients are becoming more distant and disengaged as time passes. Virtual Happy Hours have become a regular part of our daily professional life, but it is hard to get everyone on the same page. Corporate gatherings, client appreciation events, and especially networking events are enhanced by the ability to create cocktails safely in attendees' own space.

With an unlimited amount of people who can attend this class, your options are endless!

Corporate Pricing: 
*Private room for personal enjoyment between cocktails and at the end of the class
*Personal chat room monitor for questions to the instructor
*Break-out room availability included
•    Groups of 25 – 49 people will be - $30 per person
•    Groups of 50-100 people will be $25 per person

Private Class 

Connecting Friends and Family from all over the world!

As people travel far from home or new opportunities take you away from or important friendships and family it is important to prioritize each other and continue to find ways to stay connected. 

Virtual Meet-ups are a great way to get in front of those you love. Virtual Cocktail Classes are an even more engaging way to have a party where everyone can learn and make mistakes and laugh together with the same goal in mind: enjoying a cocktail or three.


Private Class Pricing (Groups of 24 participants or less): 

*You get a private room with direct access to conversation with the Instructor

*Time between each cocktail and at the end for a private happy hour room

* 1-2 Co-host abilities to manage breakout rooms between each cocktail with 5-10 minutes between each instruction to socialize and set up for the next drink. (If this option is selected, I will run a preliminary tutorial on how to manage this)


  • Flat rate of $350 (up to 10 people)

    • Additional attendees = $35 per person

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